Meet Maya

There’s one thing I like to do every day, rain, snow or shine. And that’s explore the great outdoors. I also like to do science experiments and find out new stuff about things from rocks, plants, animals, and insects to the stars and planets. I have a lot of curiosity about mysteries of the mind, too. You know—dreams, meditation, solving problems, even understanding emotions. It’s all part of the excitement of being alive.

Strongest virtues: Curiosity, love of nature, mindfulness

Favorite things to do: Hike, swim, climb mountains, do science experiments, grow stuff in my garden, work on journals and scrapbooks, take care of my pets

What you should know about me: You’ll usually find me in the woods, at the beach, or staring at the stars.

I like to help others by: Taking care of their pets and plants

A place I’d love to visit: The Amazon Rainforest

Favorite foods: Grilled cheese over a campfire, then s’mores

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