Maya’s Mysteries: Create a Fun Foamy Fountain

“What is called for is a spiritual revival . . . But there is a need for a catalyst.” —Baha’i Writings

One of my favorite things about science is seeing how different things work together to create change. Often, there’s a catalyst, which speeds up a reaction or transformation. For example, enzyme molecules in yeast cause carbon dioxide to be released, so my bread dough rises.
In life, sacred writings can be catalysts that prompt us to act. My junior youth group studied some Bahá’í quotes about service, and we felt inspired to hold a fun interfaith prayer party.
It’s cool how combining prayer with our deeds can transform our spirits and our world. That means we’re catalysts, too! When we welcome a new neighbor, donate to charity, or do other services, we can impact and activate others. Check out this fun experiment to see how one catalyst leads to amazing action.

Create a Fun Foamy Fountain

You’ll Need:

Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves

Plastic table cover, bowl, clean 16 oz. (473 mL) plastic bottle, liquid measuring cup, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, funnel, dish soap, food coloring, package active dry yeast (¼ oz. or 7g), tablespoon, cup, water


Step 1:  With an adult’s help, in well-ventilated area, use funnel to pour ½ cup (118 mL) of hydrogen peroxide into bottle.

Step 2: Add two squirts of dish soap and several drops of food coloring to bottle. Swirl to combine.



Step 3: Pour yeast package into clean cup. Add four tablespoons (59 mL) very warm water and stir until dissolved.



Step 4: Add yeast mixture to bottle, remove funnel, and watch! Enzymes in yeast release oxygen from hydrogen peroxide, causing oxygen-filled bubbles to form.


Avoid contacting skin, eyes, mouth, or clothing with hydrogen peroxide or foam.  


For a printable version, download a PDF of this activity.

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