Trailblazer: Tuesday L.

Hi, my name is Tuesday Rain. I was born on a rainy Tuesday! (by coincidence!) I live in the province of Québec, Canada. I’m homeschooled, and I love ballet.

My favourite subject is science, especially natural sciences. I really love drawing, especially manga, or chibis, which is the cuter, chubbier version of manga. I also love singing, and one of my hobbies is playing the Irish tin whistle. I especially like playing the Celtic song, “Danny Boy.” But I also LOVE reading. We have a lot of books in our home, and I read a lot. I enjoy all of my books, but my all-time favourites are the Harry Potter series. A close second are Rick Riordan's books, like the Percy Jackson series.



We have a pet greyhound, named Axle. We adopted him through an agency who places retired racers into loving homes. Greyhounds are greyt! They are very gentle, don't jump on you, almost never bark, and they're really calm (they sleep all the time: 18 hours a day!). Our dog really enjoys running, but his energy runs out quickly and he passes out on his bed. He's adorable, and we love him a lot!

What I want to be when I get older is a professional ballerina. I’d really love to dance in a company, like all the famous prima ballerinas. I've always loved dancing and performing, even when I was a little kid.



I dance every day for four hours each morning in a professional dance program. I’m in my third year now. I’ve danced in the Grands Ballets Canadiens' Nutcracker three years in a row now, and I loved every part of it. Being around the professional dancers was very inspiring. Ballet is hard, but if you keep working and give your best, you can attain your goal. This is one of the reasons we homeschool, to have more time to do what we love. I really love the time I spend with my family, and I would like to keep homeschooling.



I’m on the far left in this performance.

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