Trailblazer: Jamilah M.

My future goal is to become either a doctor or a teacher.

Hello guys! My name is Jamilah! I’m a 14-year-old girl in Macau, China. Macau is a special administrative region off the coast of China. I have two brothers—one older (15), one younger (8)—a mom and a dad. My brothers and I are very energetic siblings. I am half Italian, half American, but I was born in England. My ethnicity is Iranian because my parents and their parents and their parents, so on are Iranian. I can speak two languages and understand four. I can speak [Mandarin] Chinese and English and I can understand English, Chinese, Farsi, and Italian. I moved to Macau four years ago, and I’ve learnt many new things.

My favorite things to do are reading, organizing, arts and crafts, and drawing. I like doing these because they put me in a relaxing mode which I really enjoy. I also love playing the guitar, the gu zheng (a Chinese instrument), and soccer. I have been playing this Chinese instrument for around four years. My future goal is to become either a doctor or a teacher. I have a high interest in helping others, especially as a service. My favorite subject is science because I love investigating and it is also a simple subject . . . for now :)

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