Bahá’ís Believe: We Are One Human Family

What’s a family? A group of related people who live together and help each other, right? If so, humanity is one big, seven-billion-person family that lives together on Earth! We come from different cultures and backgrounds. We may not look and speak like our brothers and sisters around the world, but God created us all and loves us all.

The Bahá’í Faith says that people are “the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch.” The leaves on a tree don’t fight each other. They soak up the sun and, together, they help the tree grow. In return, all the leaves benefit from a strong, healthy tree.

Humanity must work together and help each other, by sharing resources and making sure there is fairness in the world. Then, like a thriving tree, everyone will benefit from a stronger, healthier civilization. We’ll all prosper and advance together—as a family.

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