Bahá’ís Believe: Women and Men Are Equal

Have you ever heard someone say, “Boys don’t cook” or “Girls don’t understand math”? Stereotypes like these are proven wrong every day—girls and boys can both learn to do lots of things. It’s important for girls to have the same opportunities as boys.

In the Bahá’í writings, humanity is compared to a bird, with women and men as its wings. Just as a bird needs two healthy wings to fly, both women and men must be treated equally. Unfortunately, women often don’t have the same rights as men. In many countries, women and girls are denied equal access to health care, education, jobs, or property. Though there has been some progress, gender equality must be advanced.

When women have an equal voice in society, they will be a powerful force for building world peace. When life is fair for our entire human family, we can truly soar.

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