Quiz: Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

“Learning as a mode of operation requires that all assume a posture of humility, a condition in which one becomes forgetful of self, placing complete trust in God . . .” —Bahá’í Writings 


Imagine you’re learning a new dance move. You keep stumbling and have a hard time finding the rhythm. What do you do now? If you have a fixed mindset, you might feel frustrated and stuck. Or you might even give up because you don’t like to make mistakes. You could think you don’t have the skills, and there’s not much you can do to change.

But if you have a growth mindset, you know that you can develop new skills through practice and perseverance. You aren’t afraid to make mistakes, because you know that you’ll learn from them.

A growth mindset leads to more creativity. It gives you the confidence to take chances and try new things. You might even come up with a new technique or style. Even if you mess up, it’s a fun step toward learning and getting better.


Does Your Mindset Help You Grow?

Circle your answers, then add up your points. 

1) I’m proud of myself for trying new things, even if I don’t do them well.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


2) I remember that I can develop new skills if I work at them.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


3) I like to take on new challenges and see what happens.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


4) I enjoy thinking of original ways to do things.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


5) When I make a mistake, I figure out what I can learn from it.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


6) I keep in mind that everybody faces setbacks, and it’s important to persevere.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


7) I know that I can continue to learn and grow my entire life.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


8. I listen to criticism and try to find something helpful in what was said.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


9. When I finish a project, I look at how I’ve improved and what I can work on next time.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


10. I am forgiving and patient with myself when I run into challenges.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


11. I’m inspired by the hard work of people around me.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


12. I’m flexible and open to new directions if my work isn’t turning out the way I’d planned.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1 


36-28 points: You love to learn and have developed a strong growth mindset. Keep it up!

27-20 points: You’re learning to persevere through setbacks. Choose a tip from the quiz to build your growth mindset.

19-12 points: Like any new skill, a growth mindset can develop over time. Choose a few tips from the quiz and keep trying!


For a printable version, download a PDF of this quiz.

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