Quiz: Your Soul’s Journey

“Know, verily, that the soul is a sign of God, a heavenly gem . . . whose mystery no mind, however acute, can ever hope to unravel.”—Bahá’u’lláh


Do you know why the ancient Egyptians made mummies and tombs full of treasures? It’s because they believed that the human souls needed their bodies and personal objects in the next world. The nature of the soul is one of life’s greatest mysteries, since you can’t see or touch it.

Today, most religions, including the Bahá’í Faith, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism agree that the soul lives on after the death of the body, and that it can have a peaceful existence in a spiritual world.       

So what exactly is the soul? Simply put, your soul is you—the real you. It’s the part of you that’s connected to God. You can honor and explore your soul by living a life that is meaningful to you, where you express virtues such as love, compassion, faith, and service to humanity. By making choices that help you develop spiritual strengths, you can let your soul guide your life’s journey.


How in tune are you with your spiritual self?

Answer the questions, then add up your points.


1) I think about my purpose on Earth, or why God created me.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


2) I participate in worship or community service with my family or friends.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


3) When I’m feeling down or facing a problem, I ask God for help.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


4) I look for ways to help to my family, town, or the Earth.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


5) When I have spiritual questions, I discuss them with friends or family and look for answers in sacred writings.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1

6) I remember that the most important parts of me are my character and virtues, rather than my looks or things I own.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


7) I learn about and respect the diverse religions and beliefs in the world.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


8) I nourish my soul with daily prayer and meditation.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


9) I look for the beauty in the world around me.

Often = 3 • Sometimes = 2 • Rarely = 1


My Score:  

27–21 points: Way to go, you’re a soul explorer! Continue on your exciting quest. There’s always more to learn.

20–15 points: You’re finding ways to connect with your soul. Keep exploring and discovering even more about the real you.               

14–9 points: You’re beginning to focus on your soul. Try some of the activities in the quiz to explore your true self even more.



Photo by aniszewsk

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