Trailblazer: Domani D.

I’d like to become a basketball player . . . [or] invent a couple of things that could help mankind.

Hi, my name is Domani and I am a Trailblazer! [In the spring of 2017] I transitioned from Kenya to Czech Republic. Firstly, the two schools are really different because Townshend is a Bahá'í inspired school and is smaller than my previous school, Brookhouse, which was mostly Christian and a lot bigger. Another change is that I am free to ride my bike and walk around the neighborhood and enjoy nature. Also, I am more busy here more because I am part of a basketball league in the neighboring city and the activities from school.

It is very quiet and peaceful in our town whereas in Nairobi it was loud and chaotic. As well as the golf course and the swimming pools there is also a castle up the road from my house. Although Czech Republic is really nice, I miss the friendliness and hospitality of the people in Kenya.

The things I like to do are play basketball, play piano, read, and be with friends. I’d like to become a basketball player, and if that doesn't happen I would like to invent a couple of things that could help mankind.

I’d absolutely love to visit Dubai, Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, Zanzibar, and Switzerland (for skiing). I have two cats, Munchy and Panda. The things that make me happy are my cats, playing basketball, watching movies, and doing science experiments (usually with fire).

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