Quiz: Sibling Solutions

“If love and agreement are manifest in a single family, that family will advance, become illumined and spiritual . . .”


It’s a beautiful day, and your family is getting ready for a trip to the beach. Everyone pitches in to help make the food, pack the car, and find the beach gear.

But then things get a little sticky. Your brother borrowed your goggles last week, and now he can’t find them. Your sister just gobbled up the snacks you had packed earlier for the trip. Time to yell and slam your door?  

Try talking calmly with your siblings instead. Ask your brother to help you brainstorm about where the goggles might be. Ask your sister to  help pack new snacks. Resolving problems peacefully keeps the fun in family time.


Test Your Peaceful Powers—Which answers soothe sibling stress?


1. You need to get ready for school, but your brother is taking forever in the bathroom.

A) Pound on the door and yell.

B) Threaten to post goofy pictures of him online.

C) Plan a family meeting to work out a fair schedule.


2. Your sister announced that she has straight As.

A) Congratulate her, and suggest a way to celebrate.

B) Talk about all the trophies you’ve won for soccer.

C) Tell her that only geeks care about grades.


3. Your sister wants you to do her chores today, so she can go to a surprise party.

A) Tell her you will if she’ll do your chores tomorrow.

B) Yell, “No way! You always  try to get out of work around here.”

C) Tie dye your new t-shirt in the tub she’ll be cleaning tomorrow.


4. You’re going to a game. Your little brother wants to come along, but you want some time alone with your friends.

A) Tell him to get lost.

B) Pretend to play hide and seek, then sneak out the back door.

C) Instead of arguing, offer a compromise, like playing with him later.


5. Your sister is going to the movies with friends again, but your parents say no to having your friends over to hang out.

A) Say, “No fair! Why does she get to do everything?”

B) Politely ask your parents when would be a good time to invite your friends over.

C) Send texts to all of your friends, complaining about your sister.


6. Your brother keeps calling you an embarrassing nickname from when you were little.

A) Tease him about his most embarrassing secret.

B) Make a list of terrible names to call him in front of his friends.

C) Keep your cool. Tell him that you want to be treated with respect, and you’ll do the same for him.


7. While your older brother is getting ready for a fishing trip. Your sister wants to learn to fish, but he says fishing is an activity just for men.

A) Practice hooking your brother’s clothes with a fishing line.

B) Tell him girls and boys are equal, and no one should be excluded from a fun activity because of gender.

C) Call him names and slam your door.


8. You find your sister jumping around with your violin, like it’s an electric guitar.  

A) Hide her favorite shoes

B) Ask your mom to trade her in for a new sister.

C) Agree to ask before using each other’s things.



ANSWERS: 1) C, 2) A, 3) A, 4) C, 5) B, 6) C, 7) B, 8) C

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