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“I have saved all our Brilliant Star magazines for years and years, going back to 1991; they are real treasures.  Each issue’s arrival in the mail, individually addressed, was like a wrapped present. For several years we would get multiple copies because of my children’s ages. Thank goodness they didn’t have to share and each could have their own. The stories, cartoons, activities, and quotations have been an integral part of our children’s classes, Feasts, holy day celebrations, birthday parties, and bedtime routine.

Brilliant Star offers a joyful and impactful way to share the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, and I am glad to pass issues on to friends. Fortunately, I can reorder issues to make my collection whole again. Having read through each issue with one or more of my four children, each issue is like a familiar friend. I look forward to sharing these treasures with the next generation.”— Shirin Coleman


“We LOVE Brilliant Star magazine and can’t wait for our next issue. You all do such a fantastic job, and the magazine helps so many children in nurturing their precious Bahá’í identity. It will always play an important role in our family life.” — Kristen Graham


“We did our first activity  . . . the Adventure Book made out of paper bags — and the kids absolutely loved it. Even some of the parents who were buzzing around the group asked if they could partake! Next week we are going to make the village activity. They are going to love this one even more. Thanks to you guys over there at Brilliant Star for such wonderful resources! . . . AND . . . I just found a whole lot more on your website! This is so awesome.” — Sumre Paull Robinson

“My son and I look forward to every new issue of Brilliant Star. Each story, game, feature, and cartoon helps us connect and talk about life’s big questions in a fun and lively way. The spiritual and moral aspects of education, no matter what religion the parents follow, [are] a crucial part of any child’s development.” — Rainn Wilson, activist, author, and Emmy-nominated actor

“I'm so glad that I still get to be involved and (remotely) part of the team. Reading and working with Brilliant Star have provided some of my favorite childhood memories, and I'm super thankful for that feeling of connection with the Bahá'i world as a whole as we participate from our little town!” — Liva (Senior Trailblazer), age 15

“It makes me feel happy, and every time I get a magazine, I scream and open it. It helps me because I might be having a rough day or something, and after I read it I feel better.” — Akriti, age 11

“It helps me become a better person. Makes me feel ready to face the day. Makes me feel courageous.” — Saidelle, age 8

“We've been reading Brilliant Star magazine for at least 10 years, and the excitement of getting each new issue in the mail hasn't worn off—for any of us . . . The quality of moral and spiritual education themes, creative activities, and examples of making the world a better place surpass our expectations. For the children it’s a fun magazine just for them, and as a parent it’s been a trusted companion offering countless examples and inspiration for raising a balanced, loving, happy, insightful, and active global citizen. Thank you, Brilliant Star, for elegantly educating, entertaining, engaging, and inspiring like no other publication does!”
— Homa Sabet Tavangar, author of Growing Up Global: Raising Children to Be At Home in the World

“For 25 years, I have used Brilliant Star in almost all my children’s classes
. . . It is beautifully and creatively written and illustrated, full of diverse activities for diverse, growing minds and hearts. But what I love most about Brilliant Star is that it nourishes and illumines spiritual and ethical inclinations and awareness in children, regardless of their religion.” — Linden Qualls, children’s class teacher  

“It makes me think about the world and the ways we could make it better.”
— Tuesday (Trailblazer), age 14
(Get to know Tuesday on her Trailblazer page.)

“Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do with the magazine . . . We just keep loving it more and more!”— Bita Agazi, parent  

“It helps me to learn how to not to be bullied.” — Reza, age 10

Brilliant Star magazine is an imaginative, beautifully designed publication for children that promotes the oneness of humanity and religion. It is no wonder that keeps winning awards year after year! Bravo, Brilliant Star!”
— Red Grammer, Grammy-nominated family music artist


“Answering questions for Brilliant Star has been wonderful and a great way for children and junior youth to affirm their Bahá'í identity. Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is invaluable!!!”— Taraneh Ballew, parent  

“It makes me feel good that Brilliant Stars going to every Bahá'í kid. It helps me learn more about the Bahá'í Faith with stories that are in it.”
— Nika, age 10

“It makes me feel good and happy. It makes me feel that I should help out the world. It helps me to want to be of service.”— Tyler, age 9


“We have officially ‘lost’ [our son] to Brilliant Star! [He] will turn six next month and has been an independent reader as of last spring. He’s just now recently reached the maturity and reading level where he can comfortably read most of Brilliant Star entirely on his own. He discovered Lighting & Luna last week (we have most Brilliant Star issues dating back to 2005) and since then, we have lost him—first thing in the morning, he reaches for the magazine, and instead of his usual bedtime story with Mom or Dad, [he] has been choosing to read Brilliant Star on his own before going to bed. I think he finished the 2005 issues within a few days and he’s now onto 2006. He reads the magazine cover to cover. It’s such a sweet sight to see him so engrossed with each issue . . . I am still awed by the excellence of your work— the talent each of you brings & the quality you produce with each issue." — Kim Aiello, parent  

“I always love Brilliant Star and read it the first minute it comes in the mail.”
— Aria, age 10


Brilliant Star is the finest children's publication in the world and well deserves the many awards it has received. Its delightful stories, beautiful illustrations . . . and . . . activities inspire children to serve others, celebrate diversity, think creatively, and recognize their spiritual nature. Children are invited to make contributions to the magazine. Viewing these contributions, they begin to experience the oneness of the world of humanity.”
— The Honorable Dorothy W. Nelson, Senior Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit  

“We love your magazines. :) The website is gorgeous too, by the way, the children love exploring it.”— Rachel Tremblay, parent  

“My daughter just turned seven about six weeks ago and received her first issue of Brilliant Star today. Simply put I'm blown away. Now, it's been something like 20 years since I received my own Brilliant Star magazine—but it's just awesome. The content is rich, activities plentiful, theme bountiful and the whole thing is engaging cover to cover. Thank you so much for the amazing work you all are doing!!”— Abby Thompson, parent

“It helps me, as it relaxes me, especially the idea it gave once about having an attitude of gratitude. It often helps me calm myself down!” — Kevin, age 9

“It makes me feel happy and empowered. I love seeing other kids like me who want to make a positive difference using the principles of the Bahá’í Faith.”— Jennie, age 15

“[Our daughter] tells so many people about the Faith through the magazine in which she was a Radiant Star. She actually took it to school the day after it arrived and the teacher suggested that she take it to the library to see if they could order it!”— Linda Grant, parent  

“It makes me feel happy. Just the name is really uplifting. I also lifts stress off of me.” — Maxam, age 11


“We love Brilliant Star magazine! Our three boys await its arrival every other month with great expectation. Thank you all very much for your tremendous service creating such a wonderful, high-quality reading experience and educational tool issue after issue!”— Scott Norris, parent and blogger  

“Typing the children's answers to the questions [for publication in Brilliant Star] made me feel extremely grateful for the blessing of receiving this powerful instrument of love and learning. Please pass my gratitude on to all those who work so hard to produce Brilliant Star year after year. I feel amazed when I think how I also enjoyed them when I was a girl. Much love to all of the staff and thank you once again.”
— Janet Woodard de Hernandez, parent  

“The magazine makes me feel happy and spiritual. It helps me by teaching me a lot about virtues.” — Noura, age 10

“It makes me feel like ‘I’m floating in heaven.’” — Ahmad, age 6

Brilliant Star helps me a lot! When my friends ask me, ‘What is a Bahá’í?’ I can always say, ‘The Bahá’í Faith is a worldwide religion, and we believe in all the religions!’ And at the same time, I’m having a lot of fun! I love the Lightning and Luna, I also really like solving puzzles! I love seeing my brother and friends as a Radiant Star!
         “It’s so amazing, how Brilliant Star is so widespread! I mean, I found out about Brilliant Star in Dubai, visiting my cousins, when I was four years [old], and I got Brilliant Star there, too! And we had some really good friends there, and they were Bahá’ís! So I love to see them in Radiant Stars!”
— Bahiyyih, age 9

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