Meet Lightning & Luna

Two siblings who make a great superhero team

Pssst. Bridget and Baxter Blaze here. Can you keep a secret?



There we were, just regular kids in Courage, California—until one day, we discovered a mysterious book that revealed our secret identities as superheroes Lightning and Luna! Now we take on exciting but dangerous missions as part of a global network of kid superheroes called the Uplifters. The name comes from “UPLIFT,” which stands for “United for Peace, Love, Integrity, Faith, and Truth.” The Uplifters all have amazing superpowers, which are connected to our virtues—and these powers can only be used in service to others.

As Lightning and Luna, we help defeat the Erasers—a group of villains who want to erase all virtues and control the world. Our family members are all Bahá’ís, and our parents appreciate courageous acts of service. But, as you might expect, they also face fears about the dangers of us being Uplifters.

In our everyday lives, when we’re not fighting crime, we hang out with friends and dance in a group called the Justice Jam. Like any siblings we know, we fight sometimes—but we’re also great partners and friends and are learning how to work out our differences.



Lightning (a.k.a. Baxter Blaze)


Superpowers: Flying, super vision, electric power

Strongest virtues: Courage, loyalty, responsibility

Favorite Uplifter moment: I used my electric power to stop Dr. Devious from taking over the Uplifters’ HQ!

Favorite things to do (when not on an Uplifter mission): Dance with the Justice Jam, design websites, learn about science and outer space

Best friend: Colin and my sister, Bridget

Favorite animal: Cheetah

Luna (a.k.a. Bridget Blaze)


Superpowers: Flying; invisibility; code-breaking; control of water, tides, and other waves

Strongest virtues: Determination, courage, resourcefulness

Favorite Uplifter moment: Using my water power to stop tides caused by Fanatica Finn’s orca robots!

Favorite things to do (when not on an Uplifter mission): Paint and draw, dance with the Justice Jam, swim, do puzzles 

Best friend: Minnah and my brother, Baxter

Favorite animal: Blue whale

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