Game: Lightning & Luna’s
Mission Gemstone

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The world’s virtues are in danger! The Erasers, the notorious villains, are erasing people’s positive qualities and trapping them in gemstones. Help Lightning and Luna, from the Uplifters superhero alliance, capture the gems from Granville the Greedy lair, release the virtues, and return them to humanity. Beware of the Greedy Grease and other dangers inside the lair. Click PLAY to start, or HELP for instructions.


Use your arrow keys to guide Lightning and Luna across the corridors and the canals of Greedy Grease in Granville’s lair. Capture as many gemstones as possible. In the corridor, avoid Granville’s army, Orbs of Gloom, and barrels of toxic Greedy Grease. In the canals, jump on pipes, barrels and crates to get across (watch out - the objects can sink).

The more gems you collect, the higher your score - and the more gems you need to reach the next level. You can travel back and forth across the corridors and the canals to reach more gems. After three chances, your game ends.

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