Challenging Choices

How would you help someone deal with bullying? What if a friend revealed a sensitive secret and asked you not to tell anyone? What would you do if witnessed a friend cheating on a test? In this game, you and your friends decide on the best solutions to a series of dilemmas.



YOU’LL NEED: 4–6 players, paper and a pen or pencil for each player, a box or other container 

SET-UP: Write the dilemmas below on small pieces of paper, and put them in the box. Add 5–10 more dilemmas from your own experiences or imagination.

PLAYING: Take turns being the leader. The leader chooses a dilemma from the box and reads it aloud. Give players two minutes to think and write down what they would do in that situation.

Give the answers to the leader, who numbers them (so they’re anonymous), then reads them out loud. Everyone writes down their vote for the best solution. Don’t vote for your own idea unless you feel strongly that it’s the best. The person whose solution receives the most votes gets a point. If there’s a tie, both get one point.

WINNING: Whoever reaches three points first wins the game. If multiple players reach three points in the same round, keep playing until one person takes the lead and wins the game.



1. A new kid arrives in your class. A few kids start making fun of his appearance and cultural background. Others think it’s funny and laugh. 

2. Two of your friends are in a fight. Each one keeps talking to you about the other one, trying to get you to take their side.

3. You’re in a youth group gathering, and a few kids spend the whole time playing on their phones, making the rest of the group feel irritated.

4. You’re in an online game, chatting with a person you’ve never met. She wants to meet in person, but you know it wouldn’t be safe.

5. A friend unkindly teases you about your looks and hurts your feelings. Then she tells you to lighten up, because she was just kidding.

6. Some kids ask about your religion, and when you tell them about it, they make negative comments and say it sounds really weird.

7. One of your friends has become very quiet and sad lately. He says everything is fine, but his character has changed. You can tell something is wrong.

8. You’re at a new school. You want to join a group that sounds fun, but at the first meeting, the kids don’t seem friendly and welcoming.

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