Nur’s Nook: Your Cool Community

"Celebrate your community with this cool craft!"

“When . . . because of frost and cold no trace of vanished spring remains, the springtime dawns again and clothes everything with a new garment of life.”  


Whishhh, whirr, brrr! While a cold day could freeze your fun, you can choose to focus on the joys of sledding, snow sculptures, and sparkling snowflakes.

          In a similar way, a litter-filled park, a disagreement among friends, or other challenges can put a chill in the air. But looking at the bright side adds sunshine to your life. Ask yourself, “What are the best things about my community?” Maybe you appreciate your friendly neighbors or the fun stuff to do.

          Next, take action to make things even better. Get your family and friends to help. Brainstorm about community concerns and possible solutions. Start with a clear goal, then come up with a plan that uses everyone’s talents.  

          Invite your team to create this collaborative craft. Each person makes a home or building that represents the strengths he or she brings to your cool community!

You’ll Need: One 2"-6" (5.1-15.2 cm) tall paper tube per person, colorful paper, scissors, tacky glue, colorful markers, one 4" (10.2 cm) doily per tube, 7" x 10" (17.8 x 25.4 cm) sheet of corrugated cardboard (larger if needed), pencil, small twigs or pine branches. Optional: cotton balls, white glitter

Step 1: Cover tubes in paper, and secure with glue.



Step 2: Cut a straight line from each doily edge to its center.



Step 3: Overlap doily’s cut edges to form cone. Glue a cone to end of each tube.  



Step 4: Cut out paper windows, shutters, and doors, and glue to buildings. Add details with markers. Each person writes strengths he or she brings to the community.



Step 5: To make the ground, glue paper to cardboard and glue buildings to the paper. Poke holes through ground with pencil point. Glue a twig in each hole.



Step 6: For a winter scene, stretch out cotton balls and glue to ground.



Step 7: For more snow, glue cotton and glitter to roofs and trees, and sprinkle glitter on snowy land. 


For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft

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