Nur’s Nook: Make a Book of Adventures

“I’m making my book on the FLY!”

“It is now easy to travel to any land, to associate and exchange views with its peoples. . .”


Whether you take a bike, boat, plane, or train, you expand your universe when you travel. As you see new places and people, and try different things, you discover more about yourself and others.

On your journeys near and far, bring your creativity and make a travel book. When you record events with words, photos, drawings, and mementos, you’ll appreciate your experiences even more. Savoring positive memories can also boost happiness.

Your book can remind you of details you might otherwise forget—like how a sunset looked, the smell of a campfire, or the taste of food you’ve had for the first time. Include the date for each entry and collect souvenirs like ticket stubs, maps, or nature items. It’s a fun way to preserve your amazing moments. 

You’ll Need: Four paper lunch bags, scissors, pencil, stapler, piece of thick paper equal to width of bag x 1¼" (3.2 cm), ruler, hole punch, five thin 11" (27.9 cm) ribbons, decorative papers, tacky glue, markers, stickers or stamps, photos or postcards, small souvenirs


Step 1: Cut off bottom of each bag.


Step 2: Fold each bag in half so short ends meet.


Step 3: Optional: On the open end of the pages, draw a wavy line or other decorative edge. Cut along line through all layers.


Step 4: To form book, stack bags evenly along folded sides. Staple along folded edge, for binding.


Step 5: Glue decorative paper to front and back of book.


Step 6: Create a bookmark by punching a hole into top right corner of thick paper. Knot three ribbons to hole. You’ll insert ribbons into pages as needed.


Step 7: For book spine, draw lines ½" (1.3 cm) from both long edges of thick paper. Fold up along lines.


Step 8: Glue spine around stapled edge of book.


Step 9: Decorate book with colorful paper, stickers, stamps, or markers. Add photos, postcards, drawings, or text, and put small souvenirs inside pockets.  


Step 10: Punch a hole in center of front and back cover’s open end. Knot a ribbon to each hole and tie ribbons together, for closure.


For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft


Ideas to Write About

- A favorite thing I did:
- A cool place I saw:
- Friends I met:
- Something I found out:
- Tasty food we ate:
- An inspiring quote:
- Interesting sounds or music:
- Creatures I saw:

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