Nur’s Nook: I ♥ You

“We must associate with all humanity in gentleness and kindliness. We must love all with love of the heart.”


Did you know that the ♥ shape is ancient? Some believe the earliest heart was drawn on a woolly mammoth on a cave wall in Spain around 10,000 BCE! The human heart was honored as a life force in ancient cultures, including Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese. Gradually, the heart became accepted as a universal symbol of love.

The heart symbol is so well known that one meaning of “heart” in the Oxford English Dictionary is “to love.”

Have you ever found it difficult to say “I love you” to someone you care about? Symbols can help us express ourselves without using words. Have fun sharing your feelings with origami art. Make your own heart-shaped treat to give to someone sweet.

You’ll Need: 6" (15.2 cm) square of origami or thin paper, ballpoint pen, 1" (2.5 cm) round lollipop*, double-stick tape, markers


Step 1: Fold paper in half. Open. Repeat fold in opposite direction. Open.



Step 2: Fold bottom edge to center. Flip over.



Step 3: Fold bottom corners to meet at center. Flip over.




Step 4: Fold top corners to meet at center. With pen tip, punch hole in bottom corner of outer pocket. Don’t pierce back layers.



Step 5: Fold top point to meet bottom point, without folding small side triangles. (Hold down corners of top flaps while folding.) Press triangles flat.



Step 6: Fold side triangles in.



Step 7: At left, fold upper corners so top edges meet. Repeat at right.  



Step 8: Fold top triangle tips down slightly. Lift large flap, push stick through hole, and seal flap with tape.



Step 9: Turn to other side and add a sweet message or designs.

Tape candy wrapper to fit snugly around lollipop, if needed.

For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft

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