Nur’s Nook: Terrific Teachers

"My teacher really shines!"

“It is education that spreads great sciences and arts . . . that makes manifest new discoveries and institutions.”


Do you love finding out about cool animals, planets in outer space, or cultures around the world? Do you get excited about learning to play a musical instrument or speak a new language? If so, you can thank one of your teachers.

Teachers encourage our curiosity and open our minds to new ideas with fun projects and activities. And they inspire us to achieve our goals—even when we’re not sure we can. Our favorite teachers at school, home, or in our faith communities can influence us for the rest of our lives. They help us develop our gifts and talents to use now and in the future.

Let your teachers know how much you appreciate them and how they’ve helped you. Follow these steps to create a brilliant thank-you card for a teacher who lights up your life!


You’ll Need: Twelve 1 ½" (3.8 cm) paper squares, 8 ½" x 5 ½" (21.6 x 14 cm) sheet of card stock, ruler, pencil, markers, ½" (1.3 cm) round sequin (optional), 4 ⅜" x 5 ¾" (11.1 x 14.6 cm) envelope (optional)

Step 1: Fold all paper squares.



Step 2: Fold bottom tip ¾" (1.9 cm) across. Repeat for all papers.



Step 3: Fit one folded paper evenly under flap of another folded paper.



Step 4: Keeping flap upper corners in place, fan out top paper so 2/3 of inner flap shows. Place glue between larger portions of papers.



Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all papers. For final papers, push overlapping triangle tops behind first paper.



Step 6: Fold card stock. Glue star to cover and add sequin.



Step 7: Write “Thank You!” on cover and add your message inside.


For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft

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