All Things I Found

Frances England started writing music for kids and families in 2007, when she created a CD as a fundraiser for her son’s school. Her fifth family album, “Explorer of the World,” received a 2017 Grammy nomination for Best Children’s Album. Its inspiration grew out of a game she played with her kids while driving around San Francisco: they tried to count all the people they saw who were looking down at their phones. But there were too many people to count! So Frances decided to write about the fun of looking around at the everyday wonders in our amazing world.

All Things I Found

1. I take my camera and my notebook on a walk with me
Explore every corner, every curiosity
Out in the world I wonder do you see the patterns that I see
Shadow of a chain link fence on the sidewalk
Jump over it with me. (3x)

2. I see new things appear where they didn’t used to be
I take notes and compare, a record for me to keep
I know this neighborhood like the back of my own hand
I pay attention. I listen closely to
Her sights and her sounds (3x)

Chorus (2x)

All the things I found
All the things I found
When I took the time to look around
When I took the time to look around.

Instrumental break

3. I collect the rocks and the bottle caps I find along the way
The handwritten notes and the grocery lists people thought they’d thrown away
Well I listen to the conversations of the people walkin’ by
One by one they tell the story of
A neighborhood comin’ alive (3x)


For a printable version, download a PDF of the song.

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