Nur’s Nook: A Prayer to Share

"This prayer honors Earth's wonders!"

Blessed is the spot, and the house,

and the place, and the city,

and the heart, and the mountain,

and the refuge, and the cave,

and the valley, and the land,

and the sea, and the island,

and the meadow where mention

of God hath been made,

and His praise glorified.



Brrrring—school’s out! You make a beeline to your best friend to talk about your day. After a great chat, your friendship grows even stronger. In a similar way, we talk with God when we pray. Prayer connects us with our Creator. Just as food nourishes our bodies, prayer can bring strength and joy to our spirits.

Praying with others is a powerful way to build unity. Invite friends to a prayer party at home, at a park, or anywhere. Make the book to help you memorize or share a beautiful prayer.

You can listen to this prayer sung by kids and watch an animated video here


You’ll Need: 8 envelopes, ruler, ribbon ¼" (.6 cm) wide (length = 5 x envelope width), ribbon ¼" (.6 cm) wide (length = 8 x envelope width), scissors, tacky glue, colorful pens, magazines, photos, optional: decorative paper, sticker labels


Step 1: In envelope that will be last, cut ¼" (.6 cm) slits at top and bottom for ribbon.



Step 2: Thread shorter ribbon through slits. Secure with glue so ends are the same length.



Step 3: With envelope pockets facing up, glue inside of each flap to non-pocket side of another envelope. Repeat for all, ending with last envelope.



Step 4: Glue long ribbon across center of entire book to create two pockets per page.



Step 5: Like an accordion, fold envelopes along flap crease. Front and back covers of book won’t have pockets. Cut off first envelope’s flap.



Step 6: Write different parts of prayer on envelope pockets. Or write on paper or sticker labels and stick to pages. Decorate cover. Add title.



Step 7: Fill pockets with drawings or photos that represent the words. Mount some on decorative paper.



Step 8: Tie ribbon to close.


For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft

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