Nur’s Nook: Lighting Your Way—Create Your Own Lantern

“My lantern and I can light up the world!”

“Only when the lamp of search, of earnest striving, of longing desire . . . is kindled within  the  seeker’s  heart . . . will the darkness of error be dispelled . . .”



When you’re walking in the dark, it’s easy to bump into things, get injured, or lose your way. A flashlight or lantern helps you stay safe and on track.

Similarly, lies and rumors that spread false ideas about a person or group are like darkness that can cause people to get hurt or feel lost. But your light of love, courage, and determination can illuminate the truth.

When you hear something that you’re not sure about, don’t jump to conclusions. With a humble attitude, keep in mind that there may be more to learn in order to understand the full story. Talk to people you trust, such as your parents and teachers. Ask diverse people for their input. Sacred writings from your faith could also have answers. Seek truth with an open mind and heart.

Create this luminous craft to inspire you on your truth-seeking adventures.


You’ll Need: 12" x 15" (30.5 x 38.1 cm) sheet of waxed paper, tacky glue, assorted leaves, four 12" x 1" (30.5 x 2.5 cm) strips of thick paper, 6" square (15.2 cm) of thick paper, pencil, scissors, clear tape, hole punch, 18" (45.7 cm) piece of string, three battery-operated candles


Step 1: Fold waxed paper in half so short edges meet. Unfold.



Step 2: Make sure leaves are dry. Below crease in waxed paper, glue leaves as flat as possible without overlapping them.



Step 3A: Add glue to tops of leaves and waxed paper’s edges.


Step 3B: Refold waxed paper and press flat.



Step 4: Glue a paper strip to each long edge of waxed paper. Repeat on back.



Step 5: Roll and press waxed paper and strips into cylinder shape so short edges overlap. Secure with glue.



Step 6: Put cylinder in center of paper square. Trace around cylinder to form lantern’s base. Cut out base.



Step 7: Secure base to bottom of lantern, taping interior and exterior edges. If needed, trim excess paper.



Step 8: Punch a hole in each side of lantern’s top edge. Knot each string end to a hole for a handle.



Step 9: Stack battery-operated candles inside your lantern and watch it glow!



For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft.

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