Nur’s Nook: Make a Fluttering Butterfly

“My butterfly and I love transformation!”

“Soar upon the wings of joy in the atmosphere of the love of God.”


From crafts to creatures, it’s amazing to watch something transform right before your eyes! In nature, a crawling caterpillar becomes a real butterfly. With origami, you can transform a sheet of paper into a fluttering toy butterfly.

Our characters can develop in incredible ways, too. With determination and patience, remarkable changes are possible. For instance, a person who is often grumpy and negative can learn to express love. Someone who discourages others can be inspired to cheer them on. We all have the ability to discover and grow our virtues. Saying prayers and studying the guidance from God’s Messengers can remind us how to be our best selves. When we strive to put God’s teachings into practice, we’re on our way to transforming ourselves and the world.


You’ll Need:

5 ⅞" square (15 cm x 15 cm) sheet of origami or other paper, scissors, pencil, colorful markers


Step 1: Fold paper in half to make a triangle shape, then open it.



Step 2: Fold top point down so it’s 1¼" (3.2 cm) from bottom point.



Step 3: Fold left edge of flap up at an angle, so bottom point is now 1" (2.5 cm) from top folded edge.



Step 4: Fold paper in half to crease flap along center line, then open.



Step 5: Fold right edge of flap up at an angle, so bottom point meets left folded flap along center line.



Step 6: Unfold right side of flap. Push flap’s bottom point up and inward—reversing fold along creases to make a triangle tab that stands straight up.



Step 7: Flip paper and rotate so point faces right. Fold up in half along center line.



Step 8: Draw a wavy line for wings along longest edge. Cut on line through both layers.



Step 9: From center of flap’s edge, draw thin diagonal line 1½" (3.8 cm) toward butterfly’s body for antennae. Cut on line, keeping ends of antennae attached.



Step 10: Push wings down to separate them from antennae. With markers, add designs and a virtue you want to develop. Pinch butterfly’s head below the antennae without touching flaps. Pull tab up and down to watch wings flutter!


For a printable version, download a PDF of this craft.

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