Meet Stuart & Gabriella

Hey there. Stuart Sustainable here. Do you have time to come for a boat ride with me? Yes? Fantastic! I’m about to head down by the river to help with a cleanup project and would love your company. The more hands, the better.

You know, every day, I wake up wondering how I can make the earth a cleaner place. I also get pretty excited about recycling, especially discovering new ways to use old materials. Last month, I built an oven run by the sun. So much fun to cook dinner for my friends. Speaking of which, I need to introduce you to my friend, Gabriella Global.

Hey, Gabby. Are you sticking around for the river cleanup?

I am! I am! Just making sure I have all I need in my camera case to get some good pix of the project for Brilliant Star. Sometimes, my photos are published in the magazine. Or on the website. The last time I did a nature walk, I got some pretty spiffy close-ups of plants and bugs to share. Believe it or not, I do a lot of flying to visit friends around the world and get some shots of buildings as well as lakes, dolphins, waterfalls, and forests. Pretty exciting stuff. Okay. I’m ready for the project. Let’s go!




Strongest virtues: Justice, peacefulness, love of nature

Favorite things to do: Camp and hike

What you should know about me: I want to be a scientist someday and help save our one and only planet!

I like to help others by: Going on adventures online and outside to find new ways to care for the environment. Someday, I bet one of us will find a brand new way to help the earth.

Places I’d love to visit: The most biodiverse places, especially in South America

Favorite food: Pizza




Strongest virtues: Enthusiasm, cooperation, imaginativeness

Favorite things to do: Explore nature, fly through the woods by moonlight

What you should know about me: I take my camera everywhere.

I like to help others by: Protecting the habitats of my animal friends

Place I’d love to visit: Greece

Favorite foods:  Cashews and pistachios

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