Bottle of Sunshine

I can’t wait for the day to begin
(come on birdies start singing early)
I get dressed up and call my friends
(worms wiggling, everybody’s giggling)
it’s time to get out and play . . . where do we go today?

I got a big bottle of sunshine
mixed it up with a bowl of daydreams
poured it into a suitcase full of laughter that I found
you won’t find me sitting around . . .

Mom and dad wonder what I do
(I’m not slackin’, time to get packin)
with invisible friends and two big shoes
(bells ringing, everybody’s singing)
throw a party, get up and dance to my favorite rock n roll band.
there’s only so much time in the day and I don’t have a minute to waste.

Do, do, dooo . . .
I’m too busy making up my backyard puppet show.

Words & Music: Lisa Mathews & Mikel Gehl
©2004 Milkshake Music

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