Radiant Stars: What gives you hope?

When you’re feeling worried about things going on in the world, what gives you hope?



Samantha S., age 13
Massachusetts, U.S.

My family and friends give me hope. Also my social studies class — so many things went wrong in history, and we were able to learn lessons from those events to build a stronger today. If people then could get past these large barriers, so can we!






Thomas S., age 12
South Carolina, U.S.

What gives me hope is that later on in the world, there will be peace and world unity.









Aspen S., age 12
Texas, U.S.

I remind myself that God has a plan. I also remind myself that the world may seem bad, but happiness can still be found within it.








Ella Z., age 11
California, U.S.

Saying prayers.










Lila P., age 12
Washington, U.S.

One thing that gives me hope is the knowledge that things can change, there are people helping make that change, and that I can be one them.









Theo N., age 10
Virginia, U.S.











Joshua V., age 9
California, U.S.

Talking to God.










Soraya M., age 10
Washington, D.C.

Knowing that I am with my family and that they will protect me.









Hannah M., age 11
North Carolina, U.S.

I think someday we all [will] become better people.  









Ivan P., age 10
Texas, U.S.

The fact that I have friends.










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