Bahá’ís Believe: Respect for Earth

Earth: home to over 7 billion people. Our amazing planet is a gift from God. We share it with millions of species of plants, trees, and animals—from the smallest bird to the biggest blue whale. And we rely on our planet for everything we need—like life-giving food, water, and oxygen.

We’ve only got one Earth, and it’s up to us to keep it healthy for all creatures—now and in the future. The Bahá’í writings say, “The beings, whether great or small, are connected with one another by the perfect wisdom of God, and affect and influence one another.”

Luckily, we can help the environment every day. We can recycle our trash and reduce pollution by walking and biking instead of driving. And there are so many things we can reuse to save resources—like water bottles and lunch containers.

Kids and adults of many faiths are working together to protect the planet. Planting trees, cleaning up trash, and learning about nature are great ways to help. We can also think carefully about everything we buy. What does it cost the earth? Does it have a lot of packaging? Could we buy a used one? Do we really need it?

We have the power to help keep the earth “green” for our human family.

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