Bahá’ís Believe: Prejudice Must End

Do kids at your school separate themselves into groups or cliques? Some may think that other kids who look, act, or speak differently aren’t cool. But having negative opinions about people before you get to know them is prejudice, and it’s not fair.

There are many types of prejudice. Sometimes people are treated unfairly because of their race, culture, religion, gender, or appearance. They might be excluded because of disabilities or because of how much money their families have. Prejudice is like a dangerous disease. It can spread from one person to another. And it can lead to pain, anger, sadness—even hatred and violence.

The Bahá’í writings say, “We must lay aside all prejudice…we must become the cause of the unification of the human race.” When we look past our differences, we can find many things we have in common. Making friends with diverse people makes life more fun and interesting.

When you stand up for someone who’s being bullied or ask a friend not to tell mean jokes about a religion or ethnic group, you’re helping to stop prejudice. It takes courage to speak up for justice. But you can inspire others in remarkable ways. Your positive actions, no matter how large or small, can help heal the world.

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