Bahá’ís Believe: Seek Truth with an Open Mind

When you look up at the starry sky or look out from the top of a mountain, what questions come to mind? What’s our purpose on Earth? Does life exist on other planets? Why don’t all people live in peace? Does God exist?

We can look for answers in books and on the Internet. We can talk to friends and family. We can also figure out the answers by using our minds and listening to our hearts. The Bahá’í writings encourage us to “Observe with your own eyes and not with those of others. . .” We can all recognize truth when we see it.

And we can be open to surprises—the truth may be different from what we expect. With an open mind, you find out the facts before you decide what is true. You think things over and decide for yourself—even if others may not agree.

Life is full of mysteries—that’s part of what makes it a wonderful adventure. Whether you’re exploring the origin of planets and stars, investigating Earth’s many species, studying religion, or learning about yourself, you have the power to find answers.

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