Bahá’ís Believe: Service to Humanity Is Worship

How do you like to be helpful to your family? Clean up after dinner? Take care of your pets? How about at school? You might clean up with your teacher or tend to the school garden. There are so many opportunities!

Being of service takes time and can be hard work. But you can make friends, visit new places, and have fun. It can lift your spirits if you’re down. Trying different volunteer jobs might even help you discover your future career.

Bahá’ís believe that any work performed in a spirit of service is considered the same as worshipping God. The Bahá’í writings say, “Prayer and meditation are very important. . .but with them must go also action and example. . .” Even small acts at home, like setting the table or helping with laundry, can be service to humanity. Science, art, and crafts are seen as worship, too. When you’re doing your homework and learning new skills, those are acts of worship.

Looking for more ways to serve? At home, that’s easy. Ask your parents how you can help. In your community or at school, get some friends together and consult about what needs to be done. Working with kids of many religions can make your service even more meaningful and fun.

When more and more people worship through service, imagine what great things will happen in the world!

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