Jessie’s Blog: Spring on the Farm

Spring is very fun on the farm because of all our babies! We had seven lambs this winter, two of which we sold already. Their names were Buri, Magic’s lamb, and Yin, Tico’s lamb. The others are Yang, Yin’s sister; Thor, Fawn’s lamb; Thunder and Lighting, Poppyseed’s lambs; and Bolt, Cleo’s lamb. These sheep are all pure-bred Katahdin hair sheep.

Thor and Fawn are both really sweet and like to be petted a lot. Whenever I go out in the pasture, they always come over and lean against me. Fawn stands and eats the grass, but Thor will flop himself onto my feet and sleep most of the time.

Thor is brown with white markings on him. One of the markings goes down his forehead to his nose and looks like a lightning bolt. He has blackish rings around his eyes and near his tail as well, and has big brown eyes, like Fawn. Her coloring is a light reddish brown with white splotches.

I have shown Fawn at the fair two years in a row now, and am probably going to show Thor this year. We got Fawn and her brother Tychus two years ago. They were both sweet when we got them, and Fawn kept her sweetness. My brother, Isaac, showed Tychus in the market lamb class at the fair. That year, Fawn and I won the sheep costume class when I was a pirate, with her as my parrot. Fawn had twins last year, Clover and Domino, but neither of them was as sweet as Thor.

We also have four young cats we got in October as kittens: Merry, Pippin, Misabel, and Little My. Merry and Pippin are named after two hobbits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Misabel and Little My are half-sisters, nine months old, and are named for two Norse mythological creatures from the Moomintroll books. 

Merry and Pippin we got from the Humane Society when they were about six weeks old. I picked out Merry and my sister chose Pippin. He was the first one to jump onto her shoulder and start purring.

Merry and Pippin are about 10 months old. Merry is an American short-haired brown mackerel tabby. His stripes are black and he has black spots on his belly. On his back and head he’s grayish brown and more silverish-gray on his tail. His chest and chin are white and his underside is cream. The pads of his paws are also black. Merry’s also a huge cat and is about twice the size of Little My. His eyes are pale green.

Pippin is an American short-haired gray mackerel tabby. His stripes are dark gray and he also has gray spots on his belly. He’s a lighter gray on his head, back, and tail. His chin and underside are creamy white and so are the tops of his paws. His eyes are a bit darker than Merry’s, but not as dark as Little My’s or Misabel’s.

We got the girl kittens about two weeks after the boys, when we learned that our friend had seven kittens looking for homes. We went over for a visit and decided on the prettiest tuxedo kitten and the runt. Misabel is an American long-haired black-and-white tuxedo cat. That means she is black with a white chest and white paws. She has bright green eyes.

Little My is an American long-haired black cat. Even though she’s black with green eyes, she doesn’t bring bad luck! You can see a tiny bit of gray sometimes, but most of the time she looks just plain black, like a shadow with eyes.

Even though the kittens are pretty big now, almost grown-up cats, they still play a lot. When all four of them are in the same room purring together, it is like baby thunder. We are lucky that they all have friendly personalities. They make us happy.