Jessie’s Blog: Life on a Farm

Hi! My name is Jessie, and my family and I live on a small farm with eight acres of property. We have a big yellow barn, and my grandparents live across the yard. In the barn, we have all kinds of animals. We have seven bunnies; 12 sheep; 21 chickens; and in the barn there are TONS of pigeons and other little birds. Sometimes we get an owl or two, but mostly it’s just other birds.

We also have some animals that live in a different pasture from the sheep. There are two cows and a calf, and we expect a second calf in June or July. There are two horses, one of which we are boarding for a girl called Hannah who is going to school and needed a temporary home for her horse, Buddy. The other is my horse, a quarter horse mare named Sammy.

We also have a few animals in the house, including our dog; a cat; seven zebra finches (I know it is a funny name, and they are called that because of their black and white striped tail feathers); and one more bunny, who is in the house because he was a house rabbit when we got him and when a rabbit lives in or out, it is best for him to stay in or out for the rest of his life.



It can be a lot of work to take care of this many animals, but it can also be fun. Spring is one of the most fun times on a farm, because in the spring, we have babies! This year we have already had eight baby sheep, which are called lambs. There are five boy lambs, which are called rams. And if there are five rams, and there are eight lambs in all, that means we have three girl lambs, which are called ewes (you say it the way you would say “you”).



We also have a baby cow, called a calf. Her name is Daisy. Daisy was born in the early morning. After birth, she started to try out her legs. Soon after she was walking she started running, and about half an hour after birth, she was jumping and running like nobody’s business!

Sometimes we get baby birds. Three of our zebra finches were hatched out at our house! Our female recently died, so I don’t know when we will get more babies next.

I hope to write more fun and exciting news about my farm and the things my family and I do with our animals, such as show them at the fair, do some breeding experiments, and other fun stuff you can do on a farm. Maybe next time I will write about some of the work and responsibilities you have when you live on a farm.

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