Trailblazer: Dara H.

My name is Dara, and I live on a relatively big island in the Caribbean called Dominican Republic. I was born in Bolivia, but my family decided to come pioneering here when I was five to help foment basic Bahá'í activities in one of the smaller cities. My favorite sports are gymnastics, archery, and running. I love to climb trees; walk in the rain; photograph nature as well as people who aren’t conscious of me taking their picture (though I often have to ask permission to keep their picture after I take it); as well as jumping rope; doodling; cooking; and reading for endless hours. Because of my family’s big heart and love for cats, we’ve accidentally kept nine cats in our house to date, even though we have found homes for many more. When I grow up, I want to study to become a journalist, a photographer, and a middle or elementary school teacher.

I wish that at some point in my life I get to visit all the Bahá'í Temples around the world and the Shrine and Holy Places in Israel. And maybe visit or possibly live in the Galapagos Islands, Dominica, Mongolia, Bhutan, England, or Bolivia. Some of the things that make me unique are: my love of all types of rain and snow; wanting to figure out how to do kind things for strangers and fix problems I see; my urge to climb trees and catch lizards; my desire for things to be said as what they are and for teachers not to cut kids out so that they blindly agree with all authorities, teachers, and the media instead of searching for the truth themselves; and my refusal to bend myself so that I fit in with the rest of the school. I will never, ever, sacrifice my morals just so that I seem more “normal”. I am also currently in love with guitars and hope to learn to play all the Bahá'í songs there are and sing them wherever I go.

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