Trailblazer: Kai P.

My name is Kai. I am a Filipino-American and was born in Chicago near the Bahá’í Temple. My family lives in San Diego, California. I love to go to the beach, and to the fruit orchard behind our house and have treasure hunts.

I enjoy playing tennis, skateboarding, running, and swimming. I like to draw, make origami, build with LEGOs, and take pictures. I have been playing piano for several years and viola for two years. My favorite classes are Algebra, Biology, History, and Advanced Orchestra. I also enjoy gardening with my mama and papa, playing with my little brother Paz, and hanging out with my friends.

Also, I love to travel. I have been to Spain, France, Italy, and Canada, as well as lots of different states in the U.S. If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to the Philippines, because my mama is from there, so I’ve heard so many cool things about the Philippines. I would also go to Germany and England because of all the cool architecture and cool sports car companies.


I want to be an architect, like my papa. He has a firm called One World Architecture. They do cool projects, like work on the Bahá’í Temple and the new Welcome Center there. I might also want to do structural engineering as well. I want to design things that help the earth. I think that “One World” means everyone is united and there is no arguing over whose religion or culture is “right” or “wrong,” and everyone is working together to help the community and environment.  


Photos by Amethel Parel-Sewell

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