Serene’s Blog: Ocean Lover

“Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”—Ryunosuke Satoro

Before moving to Thailand, I lived in Xiamen, China. It was a beautiful place in the south of the country. Now I am living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is another beautiful city, full of culture and nature. It is up north among green mountains, with elephants, monkeys, and jungle life. My experiences in Xiamen, China, were awesome and have given me many good memories. Now, I am starting a new experience here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Just recently we went to Songkhla, which is in the south of Thailand, to attend a wedding. The wedding was beautiful and so was the beach. It was only about five feet to get to the sand from our bungalow. This was great for me, since I am an ocean lover! I had a great experience and an awesome time at Songkhla. I was super excited about the blue ocean that awaited me every morning.

When we arrived, I could already smell the sea air in the breeze. My spirits lifted, though I was quite tired. A driver from the airport drove us to the resort, and I eagerly fidgeted in my seat. Once we arrived, I pushed open the car door, and my dad checked us in.

After having a big lunch, we all rested. I was already dreaming away into ocean heaven, as my parents and family were all the way into dream world. At last everyone awoke, and we hit the beach! It was only me and my dad. My sis was not feeling very well, and my mum decided to stay with my sister.

The ocean was beautiful. The water was a deep blue, and you could see the sun shining on the water, making it look like it was shimmering a gold color. The sand was warm beneath my feet, and the water was the perfect temperature. As we would go deeper, it would become colder and colder. The sand’s texture differed from hard to muddy and squishy under our toes. Sharp shells filled the ocean floor, and we collected a few.

As we explored, I found a cute little starfish, lying on the hard sand.


As I held it, I could feel its tentacles tickling my hand. After stroking it, I let it back into the water and watched as it floated back to the surface. We saw many more starfish after that. Once, we saw a big jellyfish washed up on the sand. My dad investigated it and said that it was dead. So he brought it to a big rock and we laid it there. That was interesting. We also saw another one the next day, and it was probably a sign for us to be careful. I was a bit freaked.

Every day, the ocean was calm and sometimes had some gentle waves. The hot sand was begging me to take a nap there, so I did, for only 10 minutes. How I wished I could stay there forever. 


We also saw many crabs, including big ones. The small ones would race across the sand so fast that you could barely see them run. It looked more like flying, just an inch above the sandy ground.

The trip was amazing—drinking fresh coconuts and smoothies, swimming, eating, and swimming some more . . . I am looking forward to going to many other oceans in the world during my life. Perhaps all the oceans of the world!

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