Meet Serene K., Kid Blogger

Hey, everyone! What’s up? My name is Serene, and as some of you already know, I have been blogging for a while now, and it has been great!

I was born in the U.S., moved to China in 2010 when I was eight years old, and in 2015, we made another big move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is beautiful here, and there are many mountains and lush greenery. There is also a swimming pool in our complex, which is the best part. Traveling is great, and I’ve been lucky to have been to many places in the U.S., including Hawaii, China, Malaysia, Thailand, England, Spain, and Israel. I also want to visit Italy, Greece, the Philippines, Indonesia,  Brazil, and Africa. I would also love to explore mysterious islands and villages. 

In addition to traveling, some of my favorite things are making friends, meeting new people, being in a Junior Youth Group, teaching the Bahá’í Faith, playing music, and swimming. 

I’m very athletic and love lots of different sports—swimming, kung fu, running, ripsticking, and many more. Some of my hobbies and interests have changed over time. What I enjoy doing these days is dancing, singing, composing music, writing, swimming, and I plan to buy a skateboard soon, so I can learn to skateboard. I have been writing more songs on my guitar recently and am interested in taking my guitar playing to the next level. Electric guitar, here I come!

I love languages and know English, Persian, Chinese, some prayers in Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish, and I am learning a little Spanish here and there. As you live in a new city or country that requires a new language, it would actually be useful to learn that language. Thai was not on my language-learning list, but I think it will be worth a try! Learning Chinese was a great experience, and I hope that this will be, too. I am looking forward to taking on the Thai challenge (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little—ha ha!). 

My gu zheng, which is a 21-stringed Chinese musical instrument, has not arrived here from China yet since we shipped it, though I often dream about playing different gu zheng pieces in my daily life. My fingers are itching every day to get my hands on my musical instrument.

Oceans are my life. I would love to be an oceanographer when I get older. Also, dancing and singing for a career would be awesome as well.

My dream house would be on the water. Not kidding, actually on the water—or, you know, built out over the water. I would have the sand and ocean surrounding me. In the morning, only seagulls and dolphins would wake me up, as I would hop out of bed and jump into the ocean for a morning swim. The sky would be blue and the water so clear that you could see the ocean life all around…my own tropical paradise.

I love cooking as well, especially baking and making delicious and healthy smoothies and snacks. In the end, it tastes like heaven.

I enjoy being happy, because when you are happy, everyone can also become happy by you. Remember this: “Don’t worry, be happy. Be happy, don’t worry.”

One of my favorite quotes from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá says, “I want you to be happy, to laugh, smile and rejoice in order that others may be made happy by you.”

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