Serene’s Blog: Chinese Foods

Hey! I’m back again! Today I’m going to tell you about the different foods in China. Remember the village close to our complex that I told you about? Well, today I will tell you about the magnificent and delicious foods and snacks hidden in our village.

First off, the most delicious potato you have ever eaten! They are sold on the street and people crowd around the little vendor, bargaining and buying the tasty snack. The seller takes fresh potatoes and fries them, then curls the potato in such a way that they twirl around the stick. Then, the seller seasons the potatoes with spices and sauces according to what you want, and your treat is ready for you! There are many potato frying vendors, but the one I went to is right inside our village and uses fresh potatoes.

Next, in our village there are also many fruit juice shops, and delicious drinks that are cold and mouth-watering. Sometimes, my friends and I walk through the village only to eat the savory snacks there.

When it is passion fruit season, people sell passion fruits out on the street. They cut a small hole in the round-shaped fruit, then poke a straw inside the hole. It tastes juicy, sour, and sweet, and seeds crunch through your teeth when you bite into them.



Our village is full of surprising and wonderful treats for people to enjoy!

Outside our village, there is a vegetarian Buddhist restaurant close to a park (“gong yuan” stands for “park”). The cooks make delicious dumplings dipped in soy sauce and vinegar. There are also many delicious noodle soups that go with the dumplings. The owners are really nice, and they are Buddhist.

There are also many markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables, and we have one right by our complex. Sometimes, my family and I ride our bikes to buy the things that we need at the market close by.

The people that I have met in my country are always very friendly and open to us, and I think that’s how everyone should try their best to be.


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